• Isothermal LCF, Thermomechanical Fatigue (TMF) and Multiaxial LCF
  • Superimposed LCF/HCF & TMF/HCF Loadings and Creep-Fatigue Interaction
  • In-situ Fatigue Testing
  • Microstructural Aspects of Cyclic Plasticity, Fatigue Damage, Crack Initiation and –Growth
  • Influence of Surface, Environment and Protective Coatings
  • Advanced Materials and Case Studies
  • Novel Experimental Methods and Standardization
  • Deformation & Damage Modelling and Simulation Based Life Assessment
  • Fatigue Research 4.0: Future Approaches in Data Acquisition, Handling and Processing
  • Additive Manufacturing


Please note:
1) This first tentative programme only contains contributions submitted before June 2020.
The final arrangement of the lectures will be made after the programme is completed.
We are looking forward to your contribution in an amazing LCF9 conference!
2) LCF9 is currently planned as an event with on-side attendance which will be executed referring to the Messe Berlin Safety and Hygiene Concept under all required standards of hygiene and precaution.

Important Dates

30th March 2020
extended to 16th October 2020

• submission of abstracts
July 2020 and ongoing
• notification of authors about acceptance of papers
January 2021
• start of Early Bird registration
1st March 2021
• end of Early Bird registration
• deadline for submission of full papers (6 pages) and registration including payment (conditional for publication of paper)
• tentative programme online
1st May 2021
• final programme
1st June 2021
• submission of power point presentations
22 to 24 June 2021
• LCF9 Berlin, Germany

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